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"Shared is a story of opposites. Opposites sides of the earth and cultures. Religion versus atheism. Science versus creation. We are torn between taking sides, but left feeling comfortable choosing elements from both. With so much division there is only one person who shares everything, yet takes no sides. Rachel - a child with a special gift." Tessa Apa - author of 'Gateway to Celesta"

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"Such a well-crafted book. It's written about the intricacies of carving masterpieces from marble, and the prose is so masterful that it almost feels like the story is being created in a similar fashion..." Maria Savva's review of 'Breathing into Stone'.

"This one is haunting, in more ways than one! Joel has outdone himself..."
Darcia Helle's review of 'Caraliza'.

"I will be raving about this book!" Charlie Courtland's review of 'Caraliza'.

"Wow, OH, Wow!!!" Donna Mehl's review of 'Breathing into Stone'.

"I haven't read anything this moving or beautiful in longer than I can remember. Last night, I had to find a quiet corner of the house to re-read a couple of the paragraphs so I could take in the beauty of the way they are written." Jenny Hilborne's comments on 'Caraliza'

"...utterly fascinating, a meddling of scientific discovery with soul searching."
Charlie Courtland's comments on 'Shared'

Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick

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